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I have been eating ramen for as long as I can remember as it is one of my favorite foods. It takes very little to sustain me as I derive my happiness from working on what I love, Augmented / Mixed Reality. I bought my first VR headset my senior year of high school. My mothers initial response seeing me flail the controllers around with the bulky HTC VIVE headset on was "Are you on Drugs?" My response was, "No mom, This is better than drugs"

About a year or two later having played every VR game on Steam I began to see the limitations with VR. Even with a massive projector set up in my basement showing what the user was seeing it still felt alienating to the other people in the room. 

One Night stumbling around YouTube I discovered a similar technology, Augmented Reality. This discovery was not like when I discovered VR, as this did not seek to transport me to another world, but simply bring everything I had experienced in VR, into the real world. After this discovery I went without sleep the entire night and began writing down idea after idea of how this technology will transform every aspect of our lives. It is of my belief that the adoption of true, 6 DOF Mixed Reality Headsets by the general public, will move humanity forward more than any other technology in human history. 

There was once a man who bought a top of the line sports car for more than a years salary. Before ever driving the car, which he did not know how to do, he had fully disassembled and reassembled the vehicle multiple times. The year was 1908, The man was Walter P Chrysler, Founder Of Chrysler Automotive Corporation. He was able to build a better vehicle because he understood how they worked. An idea is nothing more than a connection between two understandings. Augmented or Mixed reality will lead to better understandings for everyone. There is a reason why children know a square block goes in a square hole before they can talk. 3D manipulation is more intuitive than language itself. What if everyone had the power to disassemble a car to see how it worked without ever picking up a tool? What if when people spoke to you in languages you didn't know, subtitles generated automatically under the face of person you are speaking with? What if in the classroom we didn't tell children about history but showed them? What if in science class kids played with planets, not watching a video from 1980? Art, Science, engineering, music, sports, communication, and everything we do is about to change forever, and I'm happy to be a part of it. 

Im Currently Open for collaboration in the field of Augmented / Mixed reality in both the startup space and established businesses. If anyone would like to contact me and maybe grab a coffee please Click Below!


Seth Gunter

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