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My Skills

With experience in Unity Game and App Development, C# programing, Computer-vision ML with TensorFlow, Pose estimation, and a willingness and drive to succeed I plan on continuing my incredible journey in this amazing field. Please check out my skills below and if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss collaboration or startup please shoot me a message!


Unity AR/MR Development

The Heavy Lifting

My Passion is AR Ideation, However in order to turn my idea into reality I use Unity. I utilize the Unity Game Engine for my work as it enables me to build cross platform now and into the future as more advanced devices come to market. 



My Bread and Butter

Not a day goes by that I don't think of a new niche idea of what AR will do. I have been working on this technology for over 2 years and it has only sped up. The more I discover about this technology the more I realize just how applicable it is today and will be tomorrow. 



Practical Solutions

Augmented reality is only as strong as what it is designed to do. I have built custom localization scripts in order to localize from multiple different locations in the same building without using massive amounts of memory, or 3rd party services. This is just one of the many solutions I have built for AR through creative C# programing.

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