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Where Is The Safest Place To Stay In New Mexico

16 Safest - San Miguel de Allende. via:Pinterest. Located in the very heart of the country, amid its high desert mountains, and only five and a half hours from Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is, as you would expect from. Map of Where to Stay in Mexico 1.Baja Peninsula, 2.Puerto Vallarta, 3.Mexico City, 4.Oaxaca, 5.Isla Holbox, 6.Isla Mujeres, 7.Playa Del Carmen (Locations in no particular order) Table of Contents Show Mexico City – The. A+ (dark green) areas are safest By a simple count ignoring population, more crimes occur in the central parts of Albuquerque Metro, NM: about 20,219 per year.

The northeast part of the Albuquerque metro area has fewer cases of crime with only 2,198 in a typical year. Interpreting the Crime Maps

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